Twenty Years Just Went By…

Twenty years ago and none of what has happened since had happened: Manchester United rose and rose in success before their present decline. The house that we built from within was still the declining shambles that served as a fortress for a hermit. Our eldest daughter had still to go to pre-school. Our middle daughter... Continue Reading →

Wake Up, Donnie…

Shakespeare had it as the Wheel of Fortune, a tragic cycle that was destined to fulfil its revolution until the world was right again. Something is now rotten in the world. Can't you smell it? Perhaps our senses modify themselves when the odour gets too strong. Our eyes adjust to the new darkness and block... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Knowing

Way back in the day when the gatekeepers kept the gates closed to so many of us, allowing only a privileged few through the hallowed portals, knowledge was certainly power. Exams started with the Eleven-Plus and funnelled the sections of the school population into three distinct areas: Grammar; Technical; and Secondary Modern educational models. From... Continue Reading →

Touching The Past

I was time-travelling again. I do this during those moments of wakefulness when everyone else in the house is sleeping. I don't know what brings it on, but my mind just wanders into the darkened passages that lead to all of that which was once a part of me. There's nothing incredibly 'thinky' about my... Continue Reading →

Wear Protection

The great placebo of life is that magical cure for all ills. Get a job. Get Married. Get a mortgage. Get a pension. Get children. Get a dog. Get a cat. Get holidays. Get stressed. Get Life assurance. Get promotion. Get sleepless nights. Get a doctor’s appointment. Get time off work. Get medicine. Get better.... Continue Reading →

A Dish Best Served Cold

There are many out there who have the ability to cut others down in order to feed their need for power. I remember first coming into contact with these types, and there are a number of them, when I moved into the larger sphere of world, work, and university. It struck me as something alien,... Continue Reading →

I Yam, Yam, Yam…

Now, what was it that I was thinking about when I first took to the laptop again? I was thinking about not thinking and the waste of time that would be if I didn’t get my shit together and start thinking again. The problem with the UK is that it does present problems to think... Continue Reading →

Stick It Up Your Scrolls, Son.

My Confession Upon Leaving Teaching I do not love and have never loved my students. I like them, most of the time, but love is for loved ones. I also think that love is a little dangerous in modern day teaching.I do not always know who is in front of me in my classroom. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Happy Looks Like…

“What does Happy look like?” asks my counsellor. “Good question,” I respond after a while. “I have never thought of it like that.” “If you don’t know what it looks like, how will you know when you are happy?” “Another good question.”  Happy looks like a Sunday morning run with your wife and daughters through... Continue Reading →

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