Life and Death..Dad died ten years ago and our mother continued to live for a further ten years. We thought that she was going to live forever, she was a strong woman who could survive anything that was thrown at her. She rarely cried, not even when she was in hospital and had been told that hope was fading. I did see her shed a few tears and I did hear her apologize to me for her being unwell. Throughout her life, she had given herself to the task of looking after others. Always one to serve those who needed her, she had moved from home-help to old people’s residential care. She taught her children that caring for others was far more important than merely serving oneself. This is what she taught us.

Madness needs no excuse…

The week had been surprisingly good. A teaching agency contacted me to see if I would be interested in teaching in a special school in my home town. They put forward my CV and I found myself with an interview awaiting on my return. It put a smile on my wife’s face. And on mine,... Continue Reading →

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition…

You should have expected it by now…

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The problem, as Monty Python knew so very well, was that everybody had an inkling that something was coming. It’s the thing that you dread the most that refuses to materialise in the front of your mind.  It’s the Brussel sprout on your plate that just will never disappear no matter how many times you push it around your plate.

“And I spaketh thus as a lover of sprouts. Blessed be the sprout for it shall sit at the Christmas table regardless of any preconceived dispositions.”

We all know that New Year’s Day is a load of bollocks. New Years’s Eve is that last good pop at wassailing, wishing the best for the year to come, and making resolutions that will never be kept. But we do it anyway.

I thought I was ill yesterday. I really thought that I was unwell. I had all the symptoms; mainly lethargy. The…

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The Daily Update…(late)

So, yesterday the sun came out. It was the warmest day of the year so far, but that didn’t take much doing. This winter had been cold and damp. The skies had never made any serious attempt to turn blue, preferring their uniform grey. Because of the ironic upturn in the weather, I did my... Continue Reading →

Mum, Dad, the blog and me…

I encountered some dark days in the beginning. I had burnt out, lost myself on a path that was not mine, convinced myself that It would all come out right in the end. Endings, as it turns out, are just that – a cessation of actions and events that had led up to that particular... Continue Reading →

Not Rushing In…

The King Rock My childhood was dominated by memories of The King. Elvis Presley, Aaron to be more precise. My mother was in love. She was smitten with this hip-shaking, breath-taking, king of Rock and Roll. We were the family from The Commitments who could not conceive that there was anything better than the lip-curling... Continue Reading →

On Not Being Winston Churchill…

Repeating itself…

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“What’s your full name?” the main man asked.

I thought him to be the main man because he was the one to ask whilst the others nervously pushed together in an attempt to allow him his rightful share of the space. He had grown accustomed to such reverenced for his authority and he moved around his little stage as if it was the first performance of Hamlet, with him naturally playing the eponymous hero.

“Name, full name,” he continued. I had obviously fluffed my lines.

“Winston Churchill.”

His head snapped quickly to the right as if trying to capture something that had suddenly appeared for the briefest of instants, before disappearing again into the unknown. He looked at his clipboard, using his pen to trace the list he had upon it.

“Churchill?” he muttered through itching annoyance before snapping back. “Very amusing, Mr. Evans. Now what’s your full name?” He…

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