First Steps to a Fascist Future.

“Are you a communist?”“No I am an anti-fascist”“For a long time?”“Since I have understood fascism.” ― Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls It’s becoming evident that the right to be ‘ultra-right’ has become embedded in our everyday culture and conversations.  The pendulum has swung the other way.  Being a Fascist is now fashionable; it marks you out... Continue Reading →

The Poles and Meals…

It’s strange, but I can’t remember the exact date. Dates are not normally a problem, they register in my brain like items of shopping that are passed over scanners at the checkouts of most major supermarkets. Dates are now most definitely a problem as they don’t seem to occur, or even exist. So I spend... Continue Reading →

Do People Follow Good Tips?

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text written by Vātsyāyana. It is widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behaviour in Sanskrit literature. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse. Wikipedia My blogs have often been accused of lacking any true advice; the kind that ordinary... Continue Reading →

Wounds of Gold

It is the wounds which make us…

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Gold Marks The Spot

When the Japanese mend something that is broken, they aggrandise the damage by filling it with gold. Their belief is that something that has survived such a trauma, and has history, ought to be celebrated and prized. In the west, a lot of us tend to feel ashamed of something that is now not perfect. If it is ourselves that has been damaged, we keep it away from the sight of others; even from ourselves.

Somebody was talking about mental health issues the other day and they mentioned the word RESILIENCE. I don’t like that word as I think it is used incorrectly. In the world of work and education, resilience is used as a coping mechanism, something that enables us to bounce back from adversity.

Adversity is a fact of life. Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by…

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The Daily Stoic…Not Again?

It’s out there…

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I was reading a little about Seneca this morning. More to the point, I was reading about his enforced suicide. From another angle, can suicide be suicide if you are forced to do it? Suppose it can be if you are a stoic.

Anyway, apart from his death, Seneca had quite a take on the reality of life as opposed to the hopes and desires of all those who participate in it.

In short, life is cruel. Cruelty is a subjective assumption as one person’s cruelty is another person’s enjoyment. Or, even more away from the point, tit could be kindness, indifference, ignorance, or just bliss.

For Seneca, life held that nasty secret called reality. Other people woud argue that reality did not even come close to itself. Reality is just…? Well, isn’t it?

Let’s put reality to one side for a moment so that we can deal with the…

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It’s Fryday…

Fryday and Christmas Day. Happy Christmas werewolf and all!

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Subject A woke up in the middle of darkness and felt for the glass of water at the side of his bed. He found it just as his fingers decided to add some urgency to their search. The resulting action was a slow, slow-motion tipping of the glass and its contents off the bedside table and onto the floor.

His wife stirred beside him, but did not wake.

“Shit, shit, ducky shit,” he muttered to himself. But the spilt milk, or water on this occasion, was the least of his worries.

Subject A felt the dryness of his mouth and tongue. He struggled under the pounding in his head. And he felt the sure and powerful flood of his vital blood coarse through his veins.

It was Fryday and the wolf was returning.

Keeping himself together, he eased out of bed. He left behind a fresh layer of hair on…

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A Tale from The Piper

In her dreams, Elizabeth was on the ward she had devoted her time to.  It had not burnt to the ground as she knew it had many years ago, but was intact and filled with the confused slumber of its patients. The book that Elizabeth had been reading was open at the page she was... Continue Reading →

Lost Christmas The End

I wanted to tell him the truth. I wanted to say that I had been wandering the corridors of sleep. I wanted to say that there was a ghost in my life. “If I’m honest, I would say that life is treating me badly.” That’s what I wanted to say. The morning had started badly.... Continue Reading →

Extract from Long Sleep of Covid

“What’s been keeping you,” he asked. “How did you get in here so quickly?” “That was easy when you are so shocked by your own actions. You should have seen your face. Anyone would have thought that you had robbed a bank or something. Did you get a thrill?” I didn’t want to confess, so... Continue Reading →

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