Transmigration of Souls

This is a short extract from The Piper 3. I am just putting it out there as it has spent too much time in darkness. Although she barely knew him, Laura felt that Mr. Dale was a man to be trusted. He had a quality that encouraged others to reach out towards him, a quality... Continue Reading →

Feminist Plot To Take Our Young…

I have been shocked and saddened of late by the responses of young people to this particular concept. When talked about in relation to the study of literature, many seemed to roll eyes, exchange knowing looks, or just wince. It was a shared belief that the nutty old teacher was on one of his idealogical... Continue Reading →

Try your best, fail well…

I'm reading his autobiography and finding it fascinating. Here was a man that spent the first part of his life finding himself whilst not bathing. The second part saw him change the world. Then he died.

The Sun Is The Same…

Harry had been at the centre for many months. He couldn't remember exactly when or how he got there, but that was true of most things that happened to him and everything else these days. The other residents were moving around, shuffling past long clouds of tobacco smoke and into the routine of hushed morning... Continue Reading →

Mug Down…

I am in deep grief this morning and I blame Fate. Fate comes in many forms and this morning it came as a set of coincidences. I had decided to make my second mug of tea of the morning. My wife and I drink large quantities of tea in the morning as part of our... Continue Reading →

Lunes’ Day…

Something had happened during the night. I had slept reasonably well and moderately badly. There was no storm outside. When I finally gave in to waking, I heard the sweet sounds of birds. My wife remained in the guise of sleep until I nudged her awake. "A cup of tea?" Some response came back throught... Continue Reading →

A Memory…

Far be it from me to personify, but I am getting a little fed-up of the gloating growing behaviour of my lawn. The sun is out. Out of what I do not know, but it is. It is warm. There are a few ephemera floating around. It's like Woodstock before the Hippies realised that the... Continue Reading →

First Mow

I have just completed the first mowing of the year. A combination of rain and time had allowed the grass to grow freely. Indeed, I had been watching it sway like pampas grass and had been nudged into action. The mower, a petrol affair, seized the opportunity to frustrate me. I filled it with fuel,... Continue Reading →


There was never a sound beside the wood but one,And that was my long scythe whispering to the ground.What was it it whispered? I knew not well myself;Perhaps it was something about the heat of the sun,Something, perhaps, about the lack of sound—And that was why it whispered and did not speak.It was no dream... Continue Reading →

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