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From the wonderful Comic Strip.

For as long as mankind can (‘t) remember, it has been doing drugs.

50,000 YEARS AGO – A Neanderthal burial site in Iraq was found to contain remains of the herbal stimulant ephedra. Palaeolithic cave art across Europe and Africa suggests artists had experience of hallucinogens.

Some 40,000 years later, we were at it again:

10,000BC – Earliest agriculture. Some evidence that the first crops included psychoactive plants such as mandrake, tobacco, coffee and cannabis suggest that prehistoric types enjoyed a little feet-up time. Down the eons, betel seeds, poppy seeds, wine and beer, spirits, mushrooms, coca leaves, tea leaves, rotting plant materials, putrid yak’s milk, nutmeg – you name it, we took it. Mankind has always dabbled. As I sit writing this, I have just started a mug of coffee that was hot on the heels of two mugs of tea.

I suppose that makes me…

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