Days of the Black Dog

And yet again.

Read After Burnout

BlackDog_logoFounded in 2002 and affiliated with the University of NSW and Prince of Wales Hospital, Black Dog Institute operates in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

I woke again last night. I suppose one ought to be grateful for the fact that I woke rather than not, but the truth is that it’s getting a little repetitious.

After a time of trying to re-enter dreamworld, trying different positions: left-side, right-side, stomach, back, foetal position, I gave up and climbed out of bed to go to the toilet. I knew that that was not the right thing to do if I wanted to get back into snooze-dom, but that was it. I was expecting another hour or so of struggle as I crept, as quietly as I could, back towards the awaiting bed. I didn’t expect a bloody great big black dog to…

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