What’s Your Facebook Type?

Serial poster.

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As anyone who uses Facebook knows, different people post updates about different things. There are the ones who post funnies, reposting somebody else’s cartoon of observation. There are the doting parents who post pictures of their kids and babies.  Then there are the ranters who show their grudges to others or social situations (I know of one who posts excruciating updates about her life and news of others).  I have noticed the funny animal video brigade which always draws a plethora of likes. Then there are the political types, the intellectuals pushing their stuff for all to digest. Let’s not forget the achievers who like us to like them for what they have done from dieting to dating to death-defying stunts. So, is it true that what we post shows who we are?

A new study examines how our personality relates to the type of content we present on Facebook. It…

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