The Walking Dead or Watching Paint Dry?

I know it is a waste of my time, but it helps.

Read After Burnout

I don’t like to be disloyal. On the whole, when I pledge my loyalty it remains. I find it difficult to deny that which I once admired. 

So, The Walking Dead, why have you denied me?


No longer was there that racing pulse of anticipation after the fallow months between the end of the previous series and the beginning of the new one. I don’t even recollect where we are now, in terms of series or plot. It seems that the writers have the same problem, as when they go to the big writers’ pantry they always pull out the same ingredients and always make the same meal.

Well, I have got bored of extra-spicy chilli con carne! It’s a taste that has become dulled by its overly frequent servings in recent years. Good group meet bad group, fight and eventually win. Zombies mooch around and eventually get fed. One…

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