Faking it.

And again with emotion.

Read After Burnout


‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Turns Out to Be a Good Strategy’.

This runs so much against whatI have been trying to achieve over the last year and a half, but there is something about it that works.

In recent tests and experiments, it was found that a person’s level of self-confidence, articulation and determination presses all type of buttons within others. We like assertive types, ones who can eloquently outline their arguments, people who puff out their chests before quietly beating them in a drum rally to all who would follow them. And follow them we do. We, human-beings, like a leader.

According to what we call status-enhancement theory, people gain influence by acting dominant and confident. Doing so gives others the impression that you’re a competent person. One study tested the effect of dominance on perceived competence—and how a person’s true level of competence factors into how…

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