Clinging On. Part 3

Surprise, surprise.

Read After Burnout

images-119This time there was no other force at work. It was only the freezing air that tried to enter. 

For a moment he stood, transfixed by what had taken place. The world had changed and it waited for him.

One small step and he was through the door. He was aware of the flimsy slippers which he wore. He wanted to turn back for more suitable footwear. He didn’t. Under the slight shelter of his porch, he paused momentarily and surveyed the blank covering. It was simpler with snow. It was also easier to pick out tracks that may have been responsible for the noise and its persistent assault on his senses.

In his eventual urgency, he had forgotten to take a torch, but a full moon rode the night sky and leant the man his illumination. Snow covered contours, levelled slopes and hid hazards. It also betrayed tracks, or…

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