Expats and the End-Game

Just ‘cos I can.

Read After Burnout

images-31I have been thinking about other things apart from the rich. I have been considering the shared characteristics of expats. I have done this before and have written about it before, but now I shall do so again.

As a group of people, expats are on the run. They are escaping things in their own land and trying to find it in someone else’s. I know this because this is what I am doing; to an extent.

Let’s take the little fat lad who was always bullied at school, as a child and as a teacher. He has arrived in his chosen destination to escape his past. He is intent upon rebuilding himself, neuron by neuron. Tabla rasa, a fresh start, a new me. The problem with rebuilding is that it needs foundations and foundations need to be dug deeply. Unfortunately, once you have lived for a number of years…

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