Happy Halloween. Not!


What’s to be happy about? It’s the Day of the Dead and being dead is not going to be much fun unless you are part of the living dead which leads back to my point; it’s not going to be happy. 

If there are happy dead out there, roaming the streets and gardens of ordinary suburbia, then I am a little hesitant to wish anybody happiness of this dead day.

However, my tracks have just been stopped by the very real realisation that the dead may only be creatures suffering from some particular issue that relates to the way modern society decides to lead its life.

I want to raise awareness for this as I may be suffering from the same condition.

This morning when you climb out of bed, after a pumpkin-loaded belly laugh of an eve, check yourself. Are any early signs of necrosis setting in? Do you crave blood? Does your wife look particularly tasty this morning? Whose is that unknown head in the bed?

If the answer to all of the above (or three of the above) is yes, I salute you.



Happy Halloween.


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