I No Longer Suck Eggs!

I do…

Read After Burnout


I think that is it. 

A fifty egg challenge! That’s what is needed just to show them that you can do it. Can you still eat fifty eggs in one sitting? Can you eat them until you are fit to burst and then keep them down?

No siree, Boss.

Even Cool Hand Luke is dead these days. At some point, he must have got old. His egg-eating days must have tailed off. His smile, in the face of overbearing authority, must have slackened. He must have given in.

Hay days, salad days, younger days and Golden Ages, come and go. There is a point in our lives when things change. The daily battle to establish our own ground, subsides. We accept a stalemate, an uneasy truce, but, as each day passes, should we move away from the days without end and into sunsets?

I have a memory. Our wedding day…

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