Painting by Numbers

One, two, three, four. Keep it up, two, three, four…

Read After Burnout


“I have met so many people who say they’ve got a book in them, but they’ve never written a word. To be a writer — this may seem trite, I realize — you have to actually write. You have to write every day, and you have to write whether you feel like it or not.”

Khaled Housseni

According to Penguin’s Psyche-of-the-Creative-Writer there are a number of habits that successful writers must develop if they have any chance of succeeding.

1 Successful writers don’t procrastinate

2 Successful writers establish and maintain a schedule

3 Successful creative writers rise early

4 Successful writers take daily exercise

5 Successful writers use introverted personality traits to their advantage

6 Successful writers learn the art of self-promotion

7 Successful writers become successful administrators

8 Successful writers project a professional image

Well, I’m looking through this list and wondering how I measure up?

1. Yes, I sometimes procrastinate. I am…

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