A Life In Cars 2

For a while, we had discovered a mutual path that we drove along. It was a path of contentment, one that required no yearning for any other form of transport. Nothing could turn my head; she was perfect.

Read After Burnout

images-136The photograph is like my memory, rather vague and unfocused. At some point my first car let me down. It may have been something and nothing but, as I was enjoying a relatively good wage, I thought I would treat myself to this little number.  

I called her Claudette. She was straightforward, confusing, quirky and not too fast on the uptake. She was a strange choice yet she had something about her that made me smile.

It was said that the car was unencumbered by an excess of power. The simple act of putting the pedal to the mettle resulted in little more than a gentle increase in velocity. Yet fondness for the car runs deep amongst the millions of drivers who have ever owned it. First introduced in 1961, it became a favourite in over a hundred countries. Along the way, it became one of the most popular French…

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