It’s Fryday…


So, the new me is still a work in progress. The guys have been working hard for this day and, although the weather is a little under itself, they have promised me that they will have me (the constituent parts which that includes) up and running by the weekend.

Anyway, the clock off at five tonight as they have a little stag party in Prague. I don’t know how they” manage to fit the stag into their suitcases.

“But I do not expect you to think, my wonderful creation,” uttered the equally fantastic Doctor Frankenstein. “All I expect of you is to be. And to do.”

And at that moment before he thrust 2000 volts of ass-kicking electricity up my ass, I heard him launch into a little tune.

“Stranglers in the night, exchanging surgical lances. Wandering in the night, to get some chances of strangling in the dark, before the night is through…”


Even the little wolf-faced semi-moron joined in.

Oh, he’s such a crooner…;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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