Starting Weak One… Please Give Generously…


I am looking for support. Monday has come around again and I don’t want it. It sits there outside the bedroom daring me to emerge from under the covers of darkness. These days, my first steps into a brand new week are very much the leaden strides of a man not willing to grasp any bull by the horns. They are the steps of somebody who needs to move forward, but who finds the crab movement coming more naturally. 

How do we change?

How ought I to wake up in the morning and seize the bloody beast by its weaponry and swing the bugger around so that it faces in a different direction? Answers on a postcard (or email).

My Blog:

It was supposed to be a life-changer and, to a large extent, it is. I have never had some much stimulation from creating something before. I hang on the end of reply section seeing if what I write has reached an audience. My dream is to write in order to sustain my family and myself.

Dreamer? Dream on. But goofy, wacky change-advocates tell me that I should chase my dream, follow my passions, and just…do it.

I am asking for help here.


Just how do I solve this particular problem?


I want creatives and writers to work with me on a new project. Please read and reply…with ideas…



6 thoughts on “Starting Weak One… Please Give Generously…

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  1. Firstly you should join the FB reading group called ‘the fiction cafe reading group’ … from which you will then be invited to join the closed ‘fiction cafe writing group.’
    Being a member has transformed my approach to my writing life and dreams … and I only went knocking last October. You will be well received by the admins – I’ll put a good word in for you! (After all, they let me in).

    Second you keep blogging and sharing and we will all be entertained and inspired to put you forward for nominations. Because it’s the little steps which turn into miles achieved. Sod that bull

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  2. I have only obscenely practical ideas You’re loathing the teaching,so perhaps teaching people who want to learn, adults etc who now wish they had listened at school. They are there to learn, Perhaps even look to a switch to editing or somesuch, you have a way with words, perhaps there’s a job out there for a fully fledged English teacher . Sorry . I have no ideas for living off writing because I’d be a frikken pauper, rather than a poor blogger. What the public wants only God and Steven King know. Sorry . Anyway , good luck, I’m all ears. As the rabbit said.

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