Dark Days Are Over…

I wrote this for somebody I knew and had a lot of respect for…a top bloke and human being…Just though I would press it again I his magnificent memory…

Read After Burnout

images-275It’s all a little like tempting fate, but as I sit here with a grey light filling the sky I think that the darker days may have passed.

Our garden tree, the one by the wall, the one whose red leaves shade us from the quizzical looks of others, the one that is now stripped of foliage, has survived the storm with its threatening winds. I half expected it to fall, but it is there this morning reaching towards heaven still (thank you for that, Robert Frost).  Yes, but it did survive.

Yesterday was filled with the blank sadness of a funeral. The man who died had been a neighbour, a fellow five-a-sider (mini football), a regular face in the street to stop and chat with, a regular face in many lives, a central tug for all that desired unconventional normality; a touchstone in times of madness.

The crematorium was…

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