A Life In Cars… Ford Capri (Samantha)

Long Lost Capri Of Love…

Read After Burnout

images-395I loved this car. I truly, madly, deeply loved this magnificent motor. I don’t know why. She was not racy, her engine being only 1.6. She was not furnished with lovely leather to embrace one as one rode in her. She was not particularly upper motoring class. 

But she will forever be my super Samantha who stayed with me for quite a while and only left when I did not have the money to support both of us. On that day, my heart broke…never to be fully repaired. 

Oh, Samantha forgive me!

Just looking at your photo after all these years brings back the sting of my regret. I ought to have processed it, forgotten it, forgiven myself. I ought to have done an awful lot of things, but at times like that my options failed to materialise before me, so I sold you to the highest bidder. I just…

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