Philosophy…It’s All About Ideas!


I was moved to write this post in response to an acute feeling of being ignored.

I probably got the feeling because I am egocentric and still believe that I am not a radiator,  a device that provides essential heat and is not even noticed until it breaks down, but I am a man who writes half-decent posts. 

I am a collection of atoms in the universe trying to make sense of the fact, or not, that I am, or am not, where I believe, or am led to believe, if beliefs are to be believed, I am, or am not. Do BEE Do BEE Doo…

The very sad thing is that I now measure my present standing, or not if we are still existentially inclined, by the responses to my frequent posts. I am on the outskirts of existence, looking in, or out, and am interested, or not, in what you, if you really exist, or are a figment of my imagination, or somebody else’s imagination, if somebody else exists, or not, in what you think, or do not.

The question that ends, or begins all questions is not one that is culinary-related (chicken and egg- recipes welcome) but one that concerns itself, or others if we are part of a collective conscience, with whether anyone out there, or in there, has noticed my posts of late, or of earlier. It’s what keeps me going. Or Not!

I try, or do not try, depending on one’s own measurement of effort (subjectivity always beats the objective approach – it’s easier), to read other people’s work and to respond to it. Occasionally my subjectivity comes into play and I think, or merely instinct ( if you get my meaning) why some less well-written blogs dealing with the massively obvious aspects of the mundane and the everydane (pun not a dog or a viking) get more views and likes than mine.

Like they get trillions and I get none. 

The universe has taken up arms against me and so I shall take up arms against it.

Ralph Ellison, help me out here. 


Great writer. Excellent novel about being black in a white America. 

One line,  


“I Think Therefore I Yam.”


How’s that for a slice of fried gold and sweet potatoes?

16 thoughts on “Philosophy…It’s All About Ideas!

Add yours

  1. Oh … and I know that we middle aged sensible people understand that blogging shouldn’t really be about numbers, but I’ve got 205 followers (somehow!) so I’m catching you up….. clink the glasses

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t know … what’s a drifting molecule to think?

        Oh … it wasn’t a joke.

        Ha ha ha … google pingu making NOO NOO noises for three minutes and you’ll be giggling (worked for me at 9am today)


      1. I would panic at this point, that wordpress has deleted my account, explaining yesterday’s silence (not that I posted yesterday) but I usually have a few lost souls wandering through the landscape …. except one follower has already liked it 3 minutes ago, so it does exist ….

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Did you find it?

        I know I struggle to find the time to sit and scroll sometimes; and engaging with our fellow bloggers is one huge way to attract ‘traffic’ as they like to call it. Also the tags. Make sure you get all your tags in.
        Readers search for new blogs to read via their search bars and words they place in there relate to bloggers’ tags.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Tee hee … get tagging.
        Weird that my post remains out of sight to you… I’ve had a whole FOUR likes on it now (I know; need a coffee to celebrate) so I know it’s in my ‘feed’

        Liked by 1 person

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