Monday, Monday…


They always come around. It’s like days of the week.

No matter how much you want to sleep, the bullying hour of 6am will wake you. It’s in collusion with your alarm. They work together. It works like this:

6am: He is definitely sleeping. REM is taking place.

Alarm: Yes, she is as well. Look at the sweet little things.

6am: Steady, Alarm, we do not wish to get emotionally attached.

Alarm: No, you’re right 6am, I was just being a little gushy.

6am: Right then, I think both of them are approaching the denouements of the dream     episodes, it’s time to go. I can’t wait to see their stunned faces.


(Although 6am shows a genuine level of enjoyment in its task, Alarm is less obvious).

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