Subject A…


Subject A is awake.

Subject A smiles. It’s a wry smile and one that would go undetected to any outside agencies. He has done this before. It is thought that these little victories provide him with the energy he needs to shake himself of sleep and rise into the day that awaits.

Subject A is strange in that manner. He has been observed to have been beaten on many occasions, but his response to the inconsequential triumphs provide an interesting platform on which to understand his motivations.

At this point we have no clues as to ‘what makes him tick’ as the modern expression would have it.

Subject A is a creature of habit. He has his routines yet appears to want to deviate from the routines of others. For many years, he drank coffee and very little tea. When he lived in a country that preferred coffee, he drank it by the bucketful. When he returned to his tea-consuming homeland, he took to tea and then never let it go. On returning to the land of coffee he drunk tea. Everybody else drank coffee. Now he drinks tea whilst allowing coffee a particularly singular appearance in the morning; generally at weekends.

Subject A reads. He reads as much as he can get his hands on. He reads for what others would term pleasure. He also reads to be informed. For Subject A, it appears that being informed is a way of protecting himself from the others. He reads all types of acceptable literature, both high and low forms, and this provides his mind with food to think through. When he was young, Subject A would speak to others about what he had read; now he does not.


Subject A will go about his business today. And nobody will truly suspect…

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