What To Do with Good Advice…

images-317 “Don’t get a hicky!’

Somebody compared my lack of success at writing with Peter Kay’s success at observational comedy. People like Peter Kay, fashion bloggers and diet writers are popular because they deal with the lives of everyman or woman. I get it.

But I’m not Peter Kay. I like him, but I don’t want to be like him. I also don’t wish to write about diets or fashion. I get it. I get it.

Apparently what I do write about, all of the time, is me, ME, ME. Growing in stature each time.

I get it. Unfortunately, what I am trying to write about is life. I am trying to write stories. I often use things that happen to me because its part of my life. There was an old adage for writers, ‘write what you know about’ but I have obviously taken that too far.

At this point, I have to declare that if anyone finds my stuff tedious or not worldly enough, I apologise. But then don’t read it. Leave it in the blogosphere where it belongs. My blog did start off as a therapy to help me through a seriously bad time, but I think that it has brought me to another place that I would not have reached without the crap.

If I am not Peter Kay, Fashionista, nor Dietbeeta. I am not bothered because it means that I am me. I know that some of you have been touched by my writing as I have been by yours.


Let it continue apace until the end of time…   

3 thoughts on “What To Do with Good Advice…

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  1. Okay, stop right there. Take the apology out! What you mean is “if you don’t get me, then you’ll find other bloggers to ‘get’, but leave me to my ascent up the words hill”
    Never apologise unless you’ve done something wrong …. so said my counsellor on many occasion … even in jest. Because it sells an air of wrongness about the sentence to which is pertains. (I’m tired and my throat hurts, so I couldn’t think of a better word than wrongness, and I’m not sorry about that. I’m amused by it.)
    Where are the bloody tags??
    This one should have had #wellbeing #happiness #writing … get it?
    Go and put those in …

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