Certain. 100%?

I don’t think that I am any longer mad.

That’s not certain, but it is a temporary affirmation brought about through the writing of this thing. I was forced into changing hotel accommodation yesterday which did bring back a shiver of anxiety. My stomach convulsed, I did not eat and I certainly did not sleep. That was a reminder that things are only as good as the situation allows. Nevertheless, it passed without incident.

Read After Burnout

doubt-is-not-a-pleasant-condition-but-certainty-is-absurdCornerstone-bookshop.jpgCertain words can define one’s life or the stages of that life.

“If things were a little more certain…”

This was in a text from my wife. She needs structure and certainty whereas I am not so in need of it.

At the moment, I am living for the moment, knowing that that may change. I am caught up in the instant and moving wherever that seems to be taking me. At the moment, I am here. And here seems much more certain than the certainty that structure creates. When I am asked about my plans for the weekend or plans for the future, I shrug my shoulders and say something like, “We’ll see what happens.”  And that is now the truth. This is my truth. I am not planning for the future and I refute that not planning is planning to fail. We have Benjamin Franklin, the…

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