Spain…The First Time: 6

And so it came to pass that Sonya and Mike became residents of an area of Spain that they had never heard of previously.

Read After Burnout

I am sitting at the computer desk, looking out on wet Saturday morning in northern England. The garden is green and there is a hint of the new growth that will make it better. Rain is steadily dripping from on high and the temperature is laid flat at the feet of zero. And yet my gaze is somewhere warm, somewhere back in time, somewhere on a shoal of months standing out from the past. 

images-461I am sitting in the plaza major with my wife-to-be and we are watching a river of faces flowing past us. These are Basque faces, crowned by truly black hair. Nevertheless, there is colour in them. Primary hues accompany each as they follow their days to wherever they will lead. We are back there now watching ourselves unfold…

A cold beer sat before each of us. The heat was already reaching upwards and we had nothing…

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