Being There…

One glass and no refill

is life for men,

so keep pouring till

Death says when.


Read After Burnout

images-472 Being There  1979  Peter Sellers

I have just been reading a number of articles about a syndrome called ‘destination-addiction’ and it rang a number of clanking bells for me. In short ‘destination-addiction’ is a way in which many of us may regard our lives and our journeys through them. We tend to think of the days that we spend doing the living thing as time in which we ought to be aiming for something else.

Out there, at the end of the road, is a little hamlet that is called Nirvana. If we carry on without deviating, we will get there…eventually.

Once there, everything will be just fine.  

So, I have bought my ticket and am on my trip towards completeness.

Not as easy as that. You are on the bus, on the train, in a plain, and you are racing towards your final destination, the place where…

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