The Missing Link…

And I am digging and building and placing all in public view.

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images-155On History…

My middle daughter has a real interest in history. She had a talent for it and a hunger that doesn’t look as if it will be satisfied anytime soon. We have taken her on a university visit and she seems to be angling towards history with archaeology. I understand. I love digging up the past as a way of explaining the present. It has been my own personal archaeological excavations that managed to unearth the original me, the one that was buried beneath centuries of detritus.

images-154 LUCY (not our cat)images-147

History is cyclical. It is also a story. Graham Swift had his protagonist in Waterland declared that history was a fairy-tale, a succession of fairy-tales that helped to quell our anxiety with the real story, the truth, whatever that could be.

The truth is out there and there are many different versions of it. This blog is…

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