As We Know It…

As we knew it…

Read After Burnout

She had uttered the words, “The end of civilization as we know it!”

It sounded a little trite but she was speaking from the foundations of honesty.

Brokencomets “One day, and we don’t know when that will be, we will be faced with the imminent arrival of a rogue comet. And perhaps, when that day arrives ,the human race will be in real danger of extinction. As things stand, we can only detect and predict the pathways of such objects within a window of six months. That is not enough time to orchestrate an effective response.”

From BBC Five Live News   November 2016

It was a dark morning with fog settling in for another miserable mid-winter’s day. The news of the comet had an uplifting effect on my mood; just another thing not to worry about. We have no holidays booked for the summer so there was no danger of…

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