Second Sitting For The Last Supper…

images-544 The Sopranos

The second coming of the Holy Ghost
We need a pocketful of miracles
Two thousand years and he ain’t shown yet
We kept his seat warm and the table set
The second sitting for the Last Supper


As life has rolled out, I have moved further and further away from thoughts about God. However, I do like a Christ figure.

Christ is everyman and woman and child and everything else that thinks (dolphins, chimps, cats and dogs). He was a nice guy who occasionally had a nasty side; I’m thinking the stalls in the temple. Perhaps he was too nice though.

I didn’t and still don’t like the self-sacrifice that he performed to save mankind. Man and womankind are grown ups who just act like imbeciles. Life for them is a matter of learning right from wrong and then forgetting that wrong is wrong and not the right thing to do. On the other hand, some know that wrong is wrong, but decide to do it anyway as it is normally the fastest shortcut to where they truly want to get. People do wrong because it is the right thing to do for them, at that particular time.

Two thousand years and he ain’t shown yet…

Do you blame him?

Arrive in the world with a good, basic, simple to understand message (love fellow man, woman, dolphin, chimp, cats and dogs) and then get strung up before you’ve reached your mid-thirties. Not a healthy career choice.

And then, as soon as you are dead, people start to take that message and make it into something that can be useful to themselves in their personal search for power, wealth, and divinity. Another case of knowing that it is wrong, but seeing that it is the right thing to do for oneself and one’s shortcut to whatever one desires to possess.


The (yoke) yolk is on us.

Another Guru in the money
Another mantra in the mail…


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