Love Thy Neighbour…

images-34     As we are to love ourselves. 

Just before Christmas in a sleepy act of reversing out of my drive, in the darkest, dirtiest, dull-throbbing mist of morning, I felt a little something. It barely registered. I must have been traveling at 0.3 mph, but there was a rather muffled obstruction that made me stop.  It must have been a refuse-bin that had blown over during the night. With the engine still running, but in neutral, I climbed out of the car.

What greeted me was not a bin.

What now sat in my intended-reverse-path was a small car. A silver little thing that denies description beyond its now crumpled front offside wing. There didn’t seem to be a lot of crumpled damage, but the car belonged to our neighbours, a couple who we got along with very well.

Immediately, I let them know (by text as it was still very early). Later in the morning I received a text back telling me that it was ‘no problem’ as the damage seemed minor. Thank goodness for good neighbours. My car had barely suffered a scratch, well at that speed I would have expected no less. No hard feelings?

My intention was to pay for the damage with cash, not insurance. I was expecting something costing about £100-200. I suggested a garage that had done some fine work on my wife’s car and, eventually, this was acted upon. That was when we started to experience slight misgivings; our neighbours are scientists and they don’t think in the way that we confusedly think that thinking ought to be done. They are rational thought-dissectors and rarely allow emotion to seep into their deductions and intended outcomes. I wanted to pay with cash as a way of mitigating my wife’s olympian effort in regards to recent insurance claims. I, on the other hand, had only experienced one scrape in over thirty-five years of driving. Bully for me?

To cut a short story, mercifully, shorter, I was given the quote from the garage.

This was just before Christmas, so it was like an early present. When the car was fixed, I took the money around. I was feeling slightly nervous and uncomfortable. At the door, I was told that it actually came out at an extra £100.

I have found it difficult to talk to them since, especially as their son and his girlfriend have now taken to parking both their cars on the road directly outside our drive which adds an extra few driving manoeuvres to reverse in or out.


                                                      Dear Deirdre, 

                                                     Can you help us?


14 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbour…

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    1. What prospective publisher wrote about…

      But the book as a whole has a great deal to recommend it, not least the carefully considered and generally well executed content which I found to be very suitable for the target demographic. The references to your time in the Met, your teaching career, and struggles with mental health, allow the reader to see a very rounded and honest snapshot of your life. Furthermore, the eclectic mix of literature, poetry, and films which are peppered throughout the text, coalesce to make this book so much more than a memoir. Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the best books of its type that I have read for some time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The stuff she wants to publish is the read after burnout memoir of my recovery. She seemed credible and wrote well.
        Just going to check the temperature and see about a cycle.

        You keeping well?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Mike this is awesome… if she’s for real.

        Can you ask to see some credentials or does she have a blog or website of her own?

        You just want to be sure she is not about to take your words and claim them as her own.

        I’m sure she won’t be. Just that I’m very suspicious these days, of most people until they prove their worth.

        I’m good thanks; happy and calm and enjoying my writing and reading 🤗


      3. I still don’t understand it.
        If you had more followers, you would most definitely receive more reviews and people would genuinely enjoy your writing. I know it.

        I’ve a tad under 500 followers (I took out the ‘make yourself an entrepreneur in a week blog and the one about male enhancement tablets) … so I will soon do a pingback to one of your blogs and new faces in my audience will see your work.

        This is a sharing and caring community first and foremost, so don’t give up yet. Feeling shit is an emotion that seeps up on us all at times, but you know it will pass, so never make a decision during the moments/hours when it has a grip on you.

        Keep smiling 🤗

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