Philosophy…It’s All About Ideas!

I yam…

Read After Burnout

images-410I was moved to write this post in response to an acute feeling of being ignored.

I probably got the feeling because I am egocentric and still believe that I am not a radiator,  a device that provides essential heat and is not even noticed until it breaks down, but I am a man who writes half-decent posts. 

I am a collection of atoms in the universe trying to make sense of the fact, or not, that I am, or am not, where I believe, or am led to believe, if beliefs are to be believed, I am, or am not. Do BEE Do BEE Doo…

The very sad thing is that I now measure my present standing, or not if we are still existentially inclined, by the responses to my frequent posts. I am on the outskirts of existence, looking in, or out, and am interested, or not, in…

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