Crossing The Past…

My heart went into this…

Read After Burnout


The words have become stepping stones that offer a way across the constant flow of time.

John Mortimer described getting older as an experience that increased the velocity of events; the older he got the quicker time flowed. He talked about it in terms of breakfast-time coming around, not every twenty-four hours, but every ten minutes. My now dead father told me something similar with one of those wait and see moments that has transformed itself into what I now understand.

Standing here, looking out on the landscape of my life, I direct my gaze to those significant events that I believe moulded me into what I am becoming. And now I am here thinking of friends that I haven’t seen for decades. My post on The Summer of 76 brought me a Messenger conversation about the bikes that we had back in the day before moving on to talk…

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