Does Your Blog Suck?

I am reflagging this because it is telling me that my blog sucks. As A blog, old Christian is probably right.
I can see the hard-nosed reality behind this, but believe that the blog is not just about serving your readers as it is more so about serving yourself; it’s a private-public place to practise unloading.

My blog is a wash-basket of ideas, run-throughs, and old socks that have become separated down the years…

6 thoughts on “Does Your Blog Suck?

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  1. I follow you because I enjoy reading the things you write. Obviously some piece interest me more than others Mike. As you say you write for yoursef too.
    Being married to an artist I don’t always like the subject matter of some of the work he produces and I would never it have up on the walls of our home. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the quality of his work. Poor boy took ages before he stopped taking it as some sort of criticism……good job we have a shed to house them all in as I have got enough wall space anyway 🙃
    What I’m saying is your blog doesn’t suck for me, I shall stay tuned 😎

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