The Trust Thing…

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images-576I have always been warned that I have a trusting nature. Indeed, it is the type of nature whose trusting naivety gets me into trouble. I have always tried to see the best in others until I hit the brick wall that was my life’s full-stop.

After the brick wall, I had a different take on people. I shied away from them. I was a reverse-leper who wanted only to be quarantined against the possible damage that people could inflict.

During this time, I lost my job, my confidence, and my trust (I didn’t actually lose my job, I lost itand it never found me again).


Have faith in, place one’s trust in, have confidence in, believe in, pin one’s faith to, pin one’s hopes on.

Now that is the type of trust that I am thinking about. I have no faith. I have nothing that I place…

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  1. It’s un-nerving when a traumatic event makes your whole world shift. Everything we once knew for certain becomes uncertain. It takes baby steps to regain a grasp onto life, the new life we have embarked upon….often a life we didn’t choose but on which we are treading whether we like it or not. Thankfully we find people who help us along the way…..I’m thinking of two oldies and two young whipper snapers who manage lighten the load for each other with as we tackle the awsome task of developing young minds 🙃

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  2. That Trust Yourself quote is how I try to live my life. When things are chaos and darkness, I just remember everything I’ve already survived. I remind myself to quit wasting energy fighting and trust my strength to find my way back to light.

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