W T F …


Tuesdays have never been my favourite since the days when it always seemed that I had dental appointment at this particular time of the week.

The dentists in those days were unredeemed psychopaths who enjoyed administering pain to the achingly unsuspecting. Making school children do the backwards-crab as they tried to climb out of the swivel-chair of sensory torments was probably an added bonus.

So, no matter how much closer we have got to the inconsequential weekend, I still do not like a Tuesday.


But at least this asteroid narrowly missed us on Sunday…

4 thoughts on “W T F …

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  1. Tuesday always makes me think of the old Mickey Mouse Club. For some reason the Tuesday Special Guest song lodged in my brain. I can’t remember where I set my phone down, but I can remember a song from 40+ years ago.😂

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