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images-133So, reinvention as a History teacher, a teacher of History; the learner from history. That will never be the case.

My wife is concerned by my blog. According to her, employers will check my social media accounts for inappropriate thoughts. I know that she is right, but firmly believe that the practice is wrong. It’s the Thought Police stuff of Orwell. It’s the blue-print, the rule book, that every dictator employs to win over the adoration of their subjects. In my new adventure, I am teaching about Hitler’s rise to power and Elizabeth 1’s success at holding on to power. They both used the same tactics – secret police, intelligence networks, suspicion and distrust. For those who wished to survive, it was important to keep stum! Don’t let anyone know your thoughts. Thoughts are bad and ought to be kept to oneself; that’s why they are called thoughts as opposed…

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  1. Shouts of “Fake News” sent across Twitter by the man who lost the popular vote and still became president. The sheeple just follow along. It’s disgusting and it’s terrifying.
    I enjoy discussions, debates and even playing Devil’s Advocate. How else can new ideas grow and spread?
    Oops! I feel a rant coming on so I’ll stop, and thank you for an excellent post🙌👏🍻

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