The End And The Means…


“Sir, is a nuclear war going to happen?”

He was a well-rounded teacher who had lived through this type of threat before. The Cold War had come and gone and then went on to slink around behind some bushes. 

“I don’t think so,” he answered in a fashion that suggested that he didn’t like thinking about it too much.

“But is says in the news…”

Did it say so in the news or was it just the news that kids invented to pass the time during the boredom of waking hours?

“…it says that Trump is going to fire his arsenal at them and they are going to do the same to him.”

They had a point.

“If there was a nuclear war, would school still be on?”

He was again on safe ground.

” I am pretty sure that if there was a nuclear war the school would be closed.”

A few sunrises appeared on the faces of those who were still listening.

“So, we wouldn’t have to come to school?”

“No…” he managed before a fist-pump of collective euphoria raced around the desks.



They had a point.


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  1. I spent the Reagan years afraid of nuclear war. I can’t muster the necessary give-a-shits to worry anymore. I just remind myself that I live in a city with several military bases and if the bombs get launched I’ll probably never know. 😏

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