Words With Mr Middle-Rabbit…

There is absolutely nothing better for a confirmed soloist than to discover other soloists who share some of the same ideas on not being members of the herd. I am definitely in luck with a guy working in the same school as me who has similar thoughts about the herding aspects of human intercourse and social cohesion.

As a famous Hannibal Lecter may have said, “I Like people…


but I couldn’t possibly eat more than one, in the evening.”

When I first read Mr Middle-Rabbit’s blog, it was something that started to ring bells.  He was writing about things that I knew and thinking in ways that I was thinking. Even the cover of his blog-site reminded me of my childhood (he had kids drinking school milk before Margaret Thatcher was able to snatch this little lifeline away).  When I found out that the ‘bloggist’ was a colleague from my place of work, I was suitably impressed as here was a fellow that I was suitably impressed with anyway.

Being a loner and a bit of an ‘against the tide swimmer’ generally means that I can quite easily fall through social situations. I like nothing better than rather risqué humour, incredibly extending existential conversations, being cynical about the shit that happens in the everyday shit that happens, and being really very happy about the little things such as the early evening exchanges of songbirds. My particular form of social lubricant does not include many of the mundane interactions that are often essential to normal human behaviour.


I know that it is me, but I am not likely to change me just to fit in…

4 thoughts on “Words With Mr Middle-Rabbit…

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  1. WOW! You could have been describing me🙊😮😄
    My fondest wish for the future is to be alone in my house and I just described myself as a “bawdy old broad” to someone 😆 I’m glad you’re finding like-minded people in the “real” world as well as on line.
    Even though we’re on opposite sides regarding school/weekends😜, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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