The Right To Fail…

And again…

Read After Burnout

images-685“But you never paid attention to the lessons in which we studied those poems.”

“Yes, I did.”

“No, you did not.”

The conversation could have gone on for ever in this cosmic, if rather simplistic, ping-pong  of assertion and refutation. In the end, I was saved from the whole event by the chorus of other lads who, like a Greek chorus, chorussed back across the room,

“No, you didn’t. Sir was always asking you to ay attention and to stop talking. You never did.”

“Well, that’s not my fault. He should have made me.”

At this point, my exasperated self allowed an affirmation of my recently acquired philosophy.

“Not my fault,” I replied. “Not your fault either. All you did was to make the choice between listening and working or talking and not working. It’s a free world.”

This last bit, I knew was dreadfully incorrect.

The boy looked at…

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This is the story of what happened to me when anxiety took a grip. I lost my senses, I lost my job, and I lost me. I then turned to writing to find those things that had gone missing. How can you teach when you believe that education is a business that is failing in its primary remit of helping to create a better society? Indeed, how can you teach when you believe that you have nothing of value to pass on? The book/blog is the story of my recovery from the absolute darkness of the early days. It is an Odyssey through my life over the last twelve months and a retracing of my steps to discover how I found myself there. More than all of that, it is a re-evaluation and a rejoicing of all that which I call life. Happy reading and I hope it helps. There is madness, Everyday Madness, and not all of it comes from within.

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