Martin Luther King Would Have Thought It Nice…

Roseanne Barr appointed White House press officer

Roseanne Barr White HouseAfter a vitriolic racist tirade resulted in her sitcom being cancelled, Roseanne has landed on her feet with a plum job at the White House.

Describing a black former member of the Obama administration as the child of a chimpanzee might once have limited career options, but the Trump administration is understood to have reached out ‘within minutes’ of the post – describing Barr as the perfect fit for press and diplomatic responsibilities.

The Presidential press corps is understood to have beaten an attractive offer for Barr to become an anchor on Fox News.

”We needed someone who can tone down the Presidents opinions into something acceptable, and Roseanne struck us as mild-tempered and agreeable compared to him,” we were told.

“And anyone who remembers her singing the national anthem in the 90s will know she loves and respects America at least as much as the President.”

13 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Would Have Thought It Nice…

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  1. If a black or brown skinned comedian had made the comparison to her face and monkey faces then no one would consider it remotely racist. Or even better, a black or brown comedian calling light skin people “crackers” – which happens in comedy ALL the time – still no one finds it racist for some odd reason.

    Just to be clear, it’s ALL racially insensitive, despite the race of the individual the joke is about. She should have not said what she said because it was unfunny and unkind, NOT because it was about a person with dark skin.

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      1. It is crazy, however getting your show cancelled certainly doesn’t seem to reflect society being accepting of the behavior.
        In the past, we would have accepted such a comment with normalcy, at least now some of the racial insensitivities are called out and shamed (though only for people of color)

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