So Far, So Good…Please Check It Out.


Read After Burnout

This is just me pestering y’all for a little peak into my book.

You can get a sample for free. 

If you enjoy it I would really appreciate that you share or write a review.

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on 18 June 2018
I came across this author via the blogging world and I was so impressed with his writing that I decided to buy his book and I’m really happy that I did! It is the story of a teacher, his family and his struggles with anxiety and depression but don’t let that put you off – parts of it are laugh out loud funny. He has a wonderfully self-deprecating way of writing that is amusing…

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  1. Ditto – I urge you all (again) to pick up this book and have a read, you won’t regret it. Have you ever met someone that you could just sit in the pub with and listen to them for hours without noticing the time passing? Mike’s book is like that :O)

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