The Piper 20

For those who missed it.

Read After Burnout


Being told to stay at home for three days was the least of their worries.

Michael and Chris had not been excluded, they had been advised. The advice was that it would be wise to keep away for a while whilst things had the chance to cool down. The days had passed quickly.

Returning to Shagness was not the problem they thought it was going to be. If they had been expecting a rematch – them against the rest of the school, say – it didn’t happen. Instead, they were welcomed by something that fell only a little short of indifference, an indifference that was mixed with not a little respect. The situation was made all the better by the non-appearance of their main antagonists; Podrall’s gang were not in school. Chris and Michael would soon come to realise that attendance was not quite as obligatory as it should have…

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This is the story of what happened to me when anxiety took a grip. I lost my senses, I lost my job, and I lost me. I then turned to writing to find those things that had gone missing. How can you teach when you believe that education is a business that is failing in its primary remit of helping to create a better society? Indeed, how can you teach when you believe that you have nothing of value to pass on? The book/blog is the story of my recovery from the absolute darkness of the early days. It is an Odyssey through my life over the last twelve months and a retracing of my steps to discover how I found myself there. More than all of that, it is a re-evaluation and a rejoicing of all that which I call life. Happy reading and I hope it helps. There is madness, Everyday Madness, and not all of it comes from within.

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