7 Reasons to Stop Blogging, Like Now


  1. People don’t read it.

  2. The fact that people don’t read it causes you concern.

  3. The fact that it causes you concern concerns you because the blog was supposed to liberate you from that.

  4. You measure each of your posts by how many likes they get.

  5. You measure yourself and your writing by how many followers you have.

  6. You realise that you no more fit into the world of the blogosphere as you do in the other world.

  7. Deep down, you are a serious fuckwit who nobody wants to read.


I’m getting ready to sign off.



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This is the story of what happened to me when anxiety took a grip. I lost my senses, I lost my job, and I lost me. I then turned to writing to find those things that had gone missing. How can you teach when you believe that education is a business that is failing in its primary remit of helping to create a better society? Indeed, how can you teach when you believe that you have nothing of value to pass on? The book/blog is the story of my recovery from the absolute darkness of the early days. It is an Odyssey through my life over the last twelve months and a retracing of my steps to discover how I found myself there. More than all of that, it is a re-evaluation and a rejoicing of all that which I call life. Happy reading and I hope it helps. There is madness, Everyday Madness, and not all of it comes from within.

14 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Stop Blogging, Like Now”

  1. The point is, we write for a reason. It’s in you, you want to share it, if people don’t read it, so f%^!ing what? WordPress or other platforms at least allows us to try to share. A contest it does not have to be. No likes, no readers, so what? If you believe what you put out there, even if all you get is blank indifference- as a teacher you are most aware of dealing with the zombie mind-set- does that mean you cease speaking? (Wow, long unstructured sentence there!)
    Even if your words fall on deaf earphones on unresponsive modems or phones or whatever, they are out there. Be arrogant and retain the self belief that its their bloody loss. I feel the same as you do now, at times, but I STILL find its better to write and vent than scream in frustration at the wall. At least you have a record of your frustrations, and not an empty wailing wall. End of unhelpful rant.


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