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Differences divide us. They unite us. They define us. 

My first James Bond film was Diamonds Are Forever. I was taken to see it by my father. Sean Connery was doing his last outing in the role and Plenty O’Toole first appeared as a rather blunt double entendre.

“Named after your father, I suppose?”

I was perhaps a little too young to understand the joke, but knew that it was funny in that grown-up way which was waiting for me in the future.

For both me and my dad, Sean Connery was the quintessential Bond; sophisticated and savage. He was what I thought I dreamt of becoming. Then came Roger Moore, aptly named for the pun-based plots that were to follow.

Slowly but surely, Bond slipped into a long-running joke. I was loyal to it, but it was playing with with my expectations. The world was moving on, but Bond…

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