For Dark Winter Nights 2

And Days…

Read After Burnout


Beyond his window was winter. It had finally arrived.

A long-awaited smile cracked beneath the surface of his leathered skin. He inhaled the cold air that had perpetrated beyond the pane of glass…at Last. 

“So, you have returned to me.”

The empty world gave no response. 

He watched the frozen landscape, and the moon, impaled on the highest peak. This was how it was meant to be.


Then, the noise.

He knew that he couldn’t be dreaming because he never dreamt. He was pleased that he did not wander in the nocturnal world of flotsam. He had never read a newspaper nor had he read a book. If he ever allowed the truth to be told, he would have admitted to not being able to read. It was a skill that was beyond him and one that he really didn’t need. A book was paper and it could be…

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7 thoughts on “For Dark Winter Nights 2

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  1. Mike, is this what you wrote? And is this your journey? Being blind and saying it was published somewhere else I got a bit confused. Iwant to read about this fear andbthis journey. I have gone the same path. Sorry for my stupidity! Whatever, it’s GOOD

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    1. This is just a story that I wrote last year. I wanted to create a ghost story that resinated within the dark places that we all may have. It was blogged last year without many people reading it. I returned to it, snipped and snapped at sentences that were not right, and pushed it out there again. I am pleased that you like it; I do too.

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      1. Oh Mike, I just saw this lol. I actually think this is brilliant, and I thought that this was what you meant. Yes, going into the dark places that we all go. I like it. Ok so I will put my comments on the pists that show up in my emails. Kydos to you Mike. Truly, I do like it. But oh, that journey. It sure CAN be so dark, and imagination can be a wonderful thing lol

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      1. I will try and fathom it out. I can’t understand about it being from or on another blog. I feel so frustrated at trying to work things out. Reading is very hard for me and I want to understand. Oh well.., I guess I will just read anyway but not sure where to put my comments

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      2. There is an awful lot on my blog which was originally designed as an outlet for my thoughts regarding my recovery from Burnout/Breakdown. Losts of other things on it are writing orientated or just observations. I did serialise a novel that I had vanity published some time back. My Read After Burnout novel has been turned into an eBook and has been received quite well.
        I will post another installment of For Dark Winter later today.

        Your story is truly touching. Perhaps it needs writing.


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      3. Oh thankyou Mike. I most certainly will follow your story. Thanks for your words about my story. I HAVE thought of doing it but keep stalling lol. You are very kind.

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