In the midst of writing my seventh novel.

I was out cycling yesterday when it dawned on me that I now have seven novels to my name, that’s includng the one that I am currently in the middle of writing.

I was wondering when, and if, I finally make a breakthrough. Seven sounds lucky.

The new book is about three men, two of whom are dying and the other is a doctor. His task is to save the life of his incredibly rich employer whilst using a washed-up writer as a body partner. Just who should have the right to life?

In the meantime, Read After Burnout is still on sale.

9 thoughts on “In the midst of writing my seventh novel.

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      1. I was just replying to your comment when the bloody programmme crashed it. Education has certainly taken a turn for the worse and to swim against it is similar to going against a flood or swimming through shite. Even the management of the whole process is done factory-style. It will change, if we don’t destroy the planet first.


      2. I hate it when that happens! Usually it’s just as I’ve finished a post or a long comment.

        I wonder if we *can* save the planet with the level of education that’s being mass produced. I hope teachers are placed back in the honored position they deserve. The good ones. The ones that open new ways of thinking. I hope they’re allowed to.

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  1. Seven is good, and as you know luck always plays a part. All writing is a freeing. Enjoy the writing and the cycling. I’m in the throes of learning how to fall off a mountain bike, with a magnificent lack of grace.

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