Illumifuckingnati my brassed nuts!

Back to world destruction.

Is it hysteria or is it on the cards? Forget the Zombie Apocalypse, we don’t need the walking dead when so many of us living are obviously recruits in waiting for the time when thinking and conscience are no longer prerequisites for a civilised world. Now it seems to be a case of make war not love. 

Well, actually a lot of the ‘couldn’t give a shit brigade’ are shagging around anyway; it’s called Match My Monkey or something similar. The thing is that you go on the site, type in your details, do a little flirt with anyone who closely matches your ID (anyone who is vaguely human and wants to shag or do other stuff that I couldn’t write about). I am aware that the parenthesis didn’t really make sense, but I will let it stand. So, you do this stuff, meet up in a pub, car park, or country lane, and the world is peachy once more. 

Narrrrr! The world is the same. No, it is the same yet different. It is different because you have removed a taboo so you have to do more. I am saying this as a warning for anyone who wishes to abandon all sense of decency; I am talking to my old friend who has fired himself off into the stratosphere of sexual madness and will be lost to everything and all if he doesn’t reconnect with reality!

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

For the love of God and common decency, STOP!  

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