Giro or Tour?

I have recently enjoyed some interesting reading about these two great cycling events. The Giro d’Italia is the less famous race and has been compared to a an intimate gig in a bar as opposed to the giant stadium show that is the Tour.

Cycling has risen in popularity in recent years; that’s an understatement of the grandest proportions. I am one of those newly-lycrad followers and sometimes think that I have no right to hold an opinion as I am a Johnny-come-lately. It is without an opinion that I write this blog. I just find it interesting.

Simon Yates, no less, has spoken out about his indifference to the Tour de France whilst eulogising its Italian counterpart.

“I simply don’t feel the same passion for it. Many people grow up wanting to race the Tour, many are only interested in the show…the most important thing is not the bike race…it’s a race that I don’t want to return to…I go to the Giro and in the weeks before the race, I’m anxious to start. I go to the Vuelta and the same thing happens.”

Simon Yates

Some of the reasons why cyclists prefer the Giro:

  1. It’s harder.
  2. It’s better scenery.
  3. I’s more varied and suits all types of riders.
  4. The food and accommodation are better.
  5. It’s not as corporate.
  6. The weather changes (quite a lot).
  7. It suits the maverick cyclists who do not always wish to folow team rules.
  8. The Italians are more passionate about their cycling.
  9. The big teams don’t dominate.
  10. It’s less predictable.
  11. It provides better memories.
  12. The stage winners look pretty in pink.

2 thoughts on “Giro or Tour?

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  1. Yes, cycling is most enjoyable, getting back in the saddle myself as of late- before its too late- The only bad thing about cycling is Armstrong. Still he’s got his millions in ill-gotten gains to cry into. Boy, that guy could peddle a lie, to coin a bad pun. I do feel better for the biking, but a future post may put my lie to that. Enjoy the wind at your back!

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