Waking Up To Satanic Verses.

Like deja vu all over again.

Read After Burnout

It’s an odd thing to pop into ones head as the last of sleep drains away, but this morning I woke with a strange idea, religion.

As with all strange ideas born from slumber, this one threatened to wash away before my true wakefulness had returned and so I tried to capture some of it before it wriggled off into the shallows. It still would have gotten away if my wife had not entered the bedroom with the morning mugs of tea.

Salman Rushdie

We drink tea, exchange pleasantries (did you sleep well stuff) and read the morning news in digital formats. We share some of the most interesting articles which are ‘interesting’ because they remind us that the world is in a shit storm and it’s making absolutely no progress in its journey through it.

This morning my wife led on the conversation breaker which was The Satanic Verses…

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