Writing For The Void (Please, I love you all).


Having spent some goodly time on writing my blog this morning, and having thought that I had done an equally goodly job, I came back from cycling to discover that eleven people had viewed it. I hereby thank the Eleven who have made it all worthwhile.

I just don’t get this medium. I could post crap on top ten things to do in Outer-Mongolia, if you are a vegan with a secret yak fetish, and that would probably get similar results. In truth, this is my worst nightmare as it combines a certain pride I have in my writing with a deep understanding of my fatal-flaw which means that I hate courting attention.

Happy Yakky!

6 thoughts on “Writing For The Void (Please, I love you all).

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  1. You’re preaching to the converted here. You put out what you believe is a gem of infinite delicacy, wit and beauty, a wonder of the English language and get nada for your troubles. Toss out a dashed-off piece of half-thought out ideas and ropy rhymes and it catches peoples attention.
    Wordpress is a cruel bitc- er, mistress. But again as BKG above says, you keep plugging away. Also, it is a forum, and if people don’t visit, not a lot you can do. I will put out my efforts until it literally and literaturely is too much of an effort. Oh, and Outer Mongolia want their Yak back.

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