Stupidity is a Gift from God…

Try not to think too much.

The usual trawl through the newsfeeds throws up the usually depressing news. In recent weeks I have taken to skipping over the crap whilst trying to find something a little more edifying. This morning’s smorgasbord gave me little to digest.

Trump, Trump, Trump. Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. A report from a north of England correspondent on attitudes to Brexit. Trump could face trouble when some more of his close associates speak about him. I went for the north of England.

‘Brexit Is Nice, I Support Brexit. It’s Cool.’

The View From Rochdale And Oldham.

“Brexit is nice, I support Brexit. It’s cool,” says 19-year-old Thomas Faseyiku. “I think it is going to be better because of illegal immigrants. It’s going to stop them.”

His girlfriend Joyce Odunmakinde, 18, is horrified. “Oh my god.” She holds her face at the discovery.

“I don’t respect his views. I never asked him about his opinion on Brexit so this is the first time I am hearing it and I am shocked.”

Odunmakinde does not have a British passport, only a German one. “I don’t really like Brexit, I am not with it. I feel it will make travel so much harder for everyone,” she says. “I also feel it is going to affect the country money-wise.”

Just how can you argue with stupidity like Thomas’? Being stupid is proofing oneself against any reason and that is why the Brexiteers have won; they don’t need to be reasonable, they don’t need to have empathy. Stupidity is a gift from God that protects any chosen believers from ever having to question their beliefs, or consider their actions and the impact they have upon others.

Unfortunately, mankind was born stupid. Adam and Eve it or not, but the Garden of Eden was one big play pen in which the naked pair shuffled around each day, their cares and responsibilities dealt with by a higher power, their daily lives insulated from the real world out there. If it hadn’t have been for a saucy snake we would still be there. No outsiders, no worries!

Some people choose to still inhabit that famous kinder-garden; they call this their ‘freedom to’ do and say anything without ever having to think about it first. Thomas Faseyiku is a case in point. For many, Thomas’s surname would speak of immigration. It would be the type of surname that would prompt some non-too savoury response from those Brits reclaiming their own country. Thomas would be part of the problem.

Unfortunately, Thomas has neglected to ‘fit-himself-out’ with an education, so he says the first things that come into his mind, as is the way with many people nowadays. To others, Thomas could be another one of those ‘illegals’ who have flooded into the country. His girlfriend sort of gets it, but she is German, isn’t she?

In another part of the article, Donald Farrer speaks passionately about the EU:

‘Europe is greedy – it’s like a pig’ 

Like Thomas before him, Donald puts his mouth into action but without putting his foot into it.

Farrer says another reason he voted to leave is because he believes things are getting overcrowded with people who haven’t paid into the system making demands on services.

“Just imagine right, you are not part of the Commonwealth, you come from Poland, you come from Lithuania, you come from countries that have joined Europe. They have not paid anything into the national service.”

What Donald is doing here is making different levels of immigration: Commonwealth Good, EU Bad. Donald may not have listened to Enoch Powell’s speech about ‘Rivers of Blood’, but I get the feeling that he may have cheered him along without noticing the ever-widening circle that was forming around his patriotic commonwealth face.

Ah ignorance, you are bliss.

And that’s the point of all this, Ignorance, Stupidity, Selfishness, being uneducated, lacking Empathy, is all good. It keeps you safe in a paradise of your own making.

Where’s the Snake when you need it?

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