What Gives The Right The Right?

I know that I am becoming intolerant of intolerance and it is starting to make my public edges fray.

We live in a world of growing divisions and we listen to people exercising their rights to speak what they think. And we call this freedom of speech. And some of us call it hate speech. And others are just confused as to how this could all have gone so wrong.

And Marcus has it just right. I am a left-liberal leaning kind of guy. These days I find that I am uncomfortable around the newly-blossomed right of the everyday classes. They preen themselves through opinions garnered from their right-wing media and entrenched hatreds that have had to be concealed for previous decades. Suddenly, everything is up for grabs. Suddenly, nothing is off the table. Whatever you wish to think, say it!

This is making me down.

I find that the people that I work with, educators for God’s sake, are liberally spraying the office with previously out-of-bounds opinions. I find that being in contact with such beings makes me feel physically sick. Perhaps I need empathy. Perhaps I need to drop my standards. Or perhaps I need not to judge. 

It will pass. Everything passes and this I know.

But why does it have to be happening now?

10 thoughts on “What Gives The Right The Right?

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  1. I’m a left leaning, liberal gal, myself. I also find the conservative stuff hard to stomach at times.
    I try to look at it like this… The right has (quietly) had the power for a long time. That power is starting to slip so they’re puting it all out, trying to hold on.
    Maybe I’m deluding myself, but it puts a positive spin on it.


  2. When you say liberally spraying you’re not saying Liberal- as in the US Liberal, not the UK sort, you are saying an excess of? Just being pedantic, of course! However, as the Leader of the Free World calls Media ‘enemies of the people’ it does tend to embolden the foam flecked nut-bags who used to keep a tad of self-control. You’re right, history of 70 years ago can never happen again, right? Right? Sadly, wrong.

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  3. 80 years ago, all ancient history, never happen again right? Right? Wrong, a president who calls the Press ‘enemies of the people’ tends to enable the usual drooling hateful bastards who want to defend against Jews/Mexicans/-place minority of your choice HERE………

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