Life is but a walking dream…

Follow your dreams, the voices said. Don’t be afraid to dream big. I have always been a dreamer sleepwalking through the life that happened when I woke up and got out of bed. My life has been one big dream step in front of another, or to the side, or backwards. I gauge my success on how many steps I am able to take rather than how far I have travelled. And now I am here, wherever that is. 

Here is the place I find myself in at this present moment in time. I have the feeling that I am still alive, because everything is so familiar. A kettle has just boiled itself to switch-off and I don’t think that the other world, Heaven or Hell or Purgatory or Oblivion will have kettles. Kettles seem to be a very mundane thing that other existences would not really bother with. Anyway, water would not need to be boiled in Hell whilst in Heaven one would just sip ambrosia. Kettles are for tea or coffee and tea and coffee belong in this world.  

So, there was this item on the news, talk-radio, that had people being interviewed about their views on children at primary school being asked to turn up for an aspirations day dressed as something that they wish to do in life after school. There was a proviso, don’t come as a footballer, a singer, or a You-Tuber. It was felt that these careers were ‘pipe-dreams’ and fairly unachievable for the vast majority of students. They were ‘cop-outs’ for the ‘can’t be bothered’ or ‘false friends’ for those who really should be mastering the basics of knuckling down to their own education.   

I noticed a while back that the equilibrium of aspirations had altered. In my time, you were seen as being good with your brains, good with your hands, or good with your feet and hands. This filtered you into a profession, skilled employment, or sporting endeavours. Some of my mates saw playing in a band as the right route so they spent much of their time learning to play instruments, doing copies of their favourite bands, then playing small venues; beside winning the pools (old-fashioned lottery) this was as close as they would ever get to stardom. They were intelligent, hardworking, socially adept, and articulate. In truth, any of them could have succeeded at any number of enterprises they put their hearts to. None of them became rock-stars.

Here is the nub of my thinking. A thought-hole has just opened up in front of me and I can’t avoid falling into it. The thought-hole is full of these: ?????????????? What’s this thing about dreams? 

2 thoughts on “Life is but a walking dream…

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  1. Primary school seems kinda young to stomp dreams. There’s plenty of time for that later on. When kids are that age they should dream big, try out all kinds of things, explore the arts as well as letters. They should be learning morality and philosophy. Let them dream!

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    1. I think the dreams that they are being sold are those to do with success; and success can be measured financially. Few times do we look at somebody who is contented with their ‘lot’ and deem that to be a success. For many of us, success is something that others desire and if we have it we are all the more successful. There’s only so much of their ‘success’ to go around. Sounds a little Marxist, doesn’t it?


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